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Jual Apartemen

Kost Khusus Putri Meranti di Depok

lokasi 1lokasi 2tampak depan kost putri Merantikamar, tampak1kamar, tampak 2kamar mandi

Info Sewa Harian

Sewa Harian

New Luxury Kost for UI Foreign Student in Kukusan Depok – 150 m from UI Campus

Wisma AljabarWisma AljabarWisma AljabarWisma AljabarWisma AljabarWisma Aljabar

  • Nama Rumah Kost: Wisma Aljabar
  • Alamat Kost: Boarding House or Kost " Wisma Aljabar" on the Jalan K.H. Ahmad Dahlan 39 (d/h No. 26 ), RT 005, RW 005, Kukusan Village, Beji subdistrict, Depok.
  • No. Telepon: 081296084720 & 02178890098
  • Harga Sewa: Rp 1.500.000 – 1.750.000 per bulan. If the payment at once for 6 monthly or yearly will be given a special discount.
  • Tempat Kost Untuk: Pria dan Wanita. Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar", intended for the male student 1st floor and for female student on the 2nd floor.
  • Mayoritas Penghuni: Mahasiswa
  • Ukuran Kamar: 3×3 m. Category is divided into 3 categories of rooms (spacious rooms are distinguished by size, from category A to category C).
  • Jumlah Kamar: 12
  • Sekamar Boleh Berdua: Tidak
  • Biaya Tambahan Sekamar Berdua: Rp 500.000
  • Fasilitas: All rooms are equipped with air conditioning (AC) and each room is equipped with an antenna television network and each room features a private bathroom each room. In the near future are being explored for subscription TV networks installed. Each room is equipped with double-sided hanging clock exclusive. In the boarding area is equipped with WiFi.
  • Fasilitas Umum: –
  • Fasilitas Sekitar: –
  • Parkir Mobil: Yes
  • Parkir Motor: Yes
  • Waktu Bertamu: Until 11.00 pm
  • Akses Lokasi: Easy to reach by train or motorcycle, of course, easy to reach when using a car through the Jalan Margonda. Positions Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" is very near Campus UI or about 150 meters from the rear door in the UI (University of Indonesia) which is close to the door of vocational building (Gedung Vokasi -D3 & D4), University of Indonesia. Simply by walking, was able to reach the UI, so no need to take the vehicle. Environmental boarding house, very comfortable and quiet. On the same street is another boarding house area, so that an atmosphere of learning is very pronounced. If you are from out of Jakarta (not from Jakarta or foreign student from other countries), from Sukarno Hatta Airport, using Damri bus to Gambir Train Station (about 1 hour), from Gambir train ride to the Depok (only 20 minutes) and get off at Railway Station UI. From the Railway Station UI Depok, riding "motorcycle taxi" or “Ojek” through the UI area, towards Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" with about 5 minutes, out through the rear door UI, near Vocational building through Jalan Palakali Raya about 100 meters, then turn right towards Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan and 50 meters you pass the Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan, You will find Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" on the right path.
  • Info Tambahan: Want to become a Bachelor degree or Master degree or Doctorate degree quickly and with a comfortable atmosphere? Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" is the best place to learn. Boarding houses or Kost in new condition, rarely in Depok, Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" Exclusive with facility and nice quality and exceed the standards of Apartments and even five-star Hotel, but the room rates are reasonable, affordable and appropriate student ability. Just finished the construction process on December 1, 2013 and can already be occupied. To keep its exclusivity, only limited number of rooms, 12 rooms. Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" on the road K.H. Ahmad Dahlan 39 (d/h No. 26), RT 005, RW 005, Kukusan Village, Beji subdistrict, Depok. Positions Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" is close, or about 150 meters from the Rear Door in the UI (University of Indonesia through the door of Vocational Building UI (Gedung Vokasi UI- D3&D4 UI). Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" ", is a rooming house exclusive comfortable and feels like home alone. All wood materials are used is Teak. Starting from Wood Window and Door Frames, Beds, Closet and Desk Study, all made of teak wood. It makes the atmosphere in the dorm room Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" feels "cool" and calm and without leaving the impression exclusive. Building materials in the Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" using quality grade 1, ceramic tile floors and bathrooms are not using ceramic unqualified, but the highest quality with Roman brand, while all use the bathroom toilet Toto brand. Paint the walls also use quality paint class 1, namely ICI Dulux paints. Also wall mounted lamps, wall lamps exclusive tasteful with quality number 1. So it is worth if the Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" was given the nickname Kost Exclusive and suitable for those wishing to quickly finish college but room prices according to the ability of students.
    For those interested in booking can be via email and Cellphone Number provided. If you want to know more clearly, can be seen on the website www.wismaaljabardepok.com. However, registration is recommended via email or SMS. Boarding House or Kost "Wisma Aljabar" in addition to the student, employees can also be populated with the medical profession, employees or other company employees along to show documents the profession of employment agencies. Come immediately, a limited number of rooms.
  • E-mail: Wisma.Aljabar@gmail.com

Kost Murah dan Besar Full AC Dekat Ui di Beji Depok – Pria / Wanita / Suami-Istri


  • Nama Rumah Kost: Graha Pandawa
  • Alamat Kost: Jl. Haji Koja 2 No. 8 A Rt 05/03 Kukusan, Beji – Depok
  • No. Telepon: 081 185 0013 atau 0896 3796 7353
  • Harga Sewa:
    • Tipe 1: 2 Kamar Tidur, Ruang Tamu, Dapur, Kamar Mandi (Luas Kira-Kira 60 m2). Listrik Voucher, 1 Buah AC = Rp 1.200.000/Bulan
    • Tipe 2: 1 Kamar Tidur, Ruang Tamu, Dapur, Kamar Mandi (Luas Kira-Kira 45 m2). Listrik Voucher, 1 Buah AC = Rp 1.000.000/Bulan
  • Tempat Kost Untuk: Pria/Wanita/Suam-Istri
  • Mayoritas Penghuni: –
  • Ukuran Kamar:
    • Tipe 1: 6 x 10 m (ada dapur)
    • Tipe 2: 5 x 10 m (ada dapur)
    • Tipe 3: 4 x 4,5 m
  • Jumlah Kamar: 9
  • Sekamar Boleh Berdua: Ya
  • Biaya Tambahan Sekamar Berdua: Nego
  • Fasilitas: 1 buah AC, listrik voucher terpisah tiap unit, spring bed, lemari kayu jati, teras, parkir mobil, parkir motor, area luas dan sejuk bersih. Baru renovasi.
  • Fasilitas Umum: Parkir, dapur umum.
  • Fasilitas Sekitar: UI, Margonda Mall, Detos, lengkap.
  • Parkir Mobil: Ya
  • Parkir Motor: Ya
  • Waktu Bertamu: 10 malam
  • Akses Lokasi: Jalan 2 Mobil.
  • Info Tambahan: Bisa jalan kaki ke UI, kira-kira 300 m dari fakultas teknik.
  • E-mail: laon420@xl.blackberry.com

Kost Pria / Wanita / Pasutri di Margonda Depok – Terima Sewa Harian / Mingguan – Kost Pondok 21

Pondok 21 tampak depanPintu masuk pondok 21Ruang MakanSuasana didalam Pondok 21contoh kamar ACContoh kamar mandi

  • Nama Rumah Kost: Pondok 21
  • Alamat Kost: Jl.Mawar No.2A Margonda Raya, Depok
  • No. Telepon: (021) 7863802 / 0817165588
  • Harga Sewa: Rp.1.300.000 AC | Rp.700.000 non AC
  • Tempat Kost Untuk: Pria/Wanita/Suami istri
  • Mayoritas Penghuni: Pria
  • Ukuran Kamar: –
  • Jumlah Kamar: 14 kamar
  • Sekamar Boleh Berdua: ya
  • Biaya Tambahan Sekamar Berdua: Rp.100.000
  • Fasilitas: Kamar AC / Non AC, Kamar Mandi Dalam, Spring Bed, Lemari pakaian, Meja tulis/Kursi
  • Fasilitas Umum: Dapur, Dispenser, Parkir kendaraan, Kulkas, Ruang Jemur
  • Fasilitas Sekitar: Dekat dengan Mesjid, Dekat dengan Margo city/Detos/ITC, Dekat dengan Restauran HW, Dekat dengan Restaurant gulai kepala Ikan, Dekat dengan Bank BNI, BRI, Mandiri, Dekat dengan Poliklinik PERTAMINA, Dekat dengan Univ.Gunadarma/UI
  • Parkir Mobil: Bisa untuk 5 mobil
  • Parkir Motor: Bisa Untuk 4 Motor, Parkir di dalam kosan
  • Waktu Bertamu: Sampai jam 10 malam
  • Akses Lokasi: Margonda Raya
  • Info Tambahan: Kami Juga menerima sewa harian/mingguan
  • E-mail: chandra.niken@yahoo.co.id
  • Facebook: chandra.niken@yahoo.co.id

Kost Karyawan & Mahasiswa di Dalam Kompleks – Depok – Tenang & Strategis

Kost Karyawan & MahasiswaKost Karyawan & MahasiswaKost Karyawan & MahasiswaKost Karyawan & MahasiswaKost Karyawan & MahasiswaKost Karyawan & Mahasiswa

  • Nama Rumah Kost: Kost Karyawan & Mahasiswa
  • Alamat Kost: Komplek Timah Blok BB No. 59, Depok
  • No. Telepon: 0852-17342542 & 0852-15535858
  • Harga Sewa: Rp. 500.000 – Rp. 550.000
  • Tempat Kost Untuk: Pria
  • Mayoritas Penghuni: Karyawan & Mahasiswa
  • Ukuran Kamar: 4X4, 4X5, 4X6
  • Jumlah Kamar: 7
  • Sekamar Boleh Berdua: Ya
  • Biaya Tambahan Sekamar Berdua: Rp. 200.000
  • Fasilitas: – Tempat Tidur + Kasur + Bantal – Lemari – Cermin – Listrik & Air & Kebersihan – Perabotan dapur (Kompor, piring, gelas, dll) – Parkiran Mobil, Motor Masuk – Kamar Mandi Dalam
  • Fasilitas Umum: – Ruang Tamu – Dapur – Teras – Gudang
  • Fasilitas Sekitar: – Lapangan olah raga – Masjid – Mini Market – Laundry – Warnet – Fotocopy
  • Parkir Mobil: Ya
  • Parkir Motor: Ya
  • Waktu Bertamu: Maksimal Jam 22.00
  • Akses Lokasi: Dekat Gereja Brimob Klp.2 Depok – Jl. Akses UI Depok
  • Info Tambahan: 1. Dekat Gereja Brimob Klp.2 Depok – Jl. Akses UI Depok 2. Dekat kampus Gunadarma, UI Depok, BSI dan lainnya 3. Lokasi tenang, aman, strategis (dalam komplek)
  • E-mail: fl.keren@yahoo.com
  • Facebook: Fitrah Lesmana

Kost Nyaman & Asri di Salemba Dekat UI, YAI, BSI – City D’Kost – Untuk Wanita

kamarkamarbalkonruang tamu/tempat kumpultempat cuci

  • Nama Rumah Kost: City D’Kost
  • Alamat Kost: Salemba Bluntas II Jl H Murtadho VIII/B50, Jakarta Pusat
  • No. Telepon: 0817818662
  • Harga Sewa: Rp. 700.000 – Rp. 1.150.000
  • Tempat Kost Untuk: wanita muslimah
  • Mayoritas Penghuni: wanita
  • Ukuran Kamar: 3x3m, 3x4m (tidak termasuk ukuran kamar mandi)
  • Jumlah Kamar: 17
  • Sekamar Boleh Berdua: –
  • Biaya Tambahan Sekamar Berdua: –
  • Fasilitas: Tempat tidur Spring Bed+bantal, lemari baju 2 pintu, kamar mandi di dalam (closet+shower), exhaust fan/non exhaust fan, balkon/teras, AC/nonAC
  • Fasilitas Umum: Dapur bersih, ruang makan, ruang tamu, parkir mobil (biaya tambahan) dan motor, tempat cuci, setrika dan menjemur pakaian
  • Fasilitas Sekitar: Restoran, warung/kedai makan, minimarket, pasar traditional, area perkantoran, klinik/rumah sakit, apotik, bank/ATM, fotocopy, warnet, POM bensin
  • Parkir Mobil: ada (biaya tambahan)
  • Parkir Motor: ada
  • Waktu Bertamu: max. jam 23.00
  • Akses Lokasi: dekat jalur busway, dekat akses kendaraan umum
  • Info Tambahan: dekat kampus GunaDarma, UI, YAI, BSI (bisa jalan kaki atau naik angkutan umum). Cocok untuk mahasiswi d3, S1, S2, kedokteran, perawat, karyawati
  • E-mail: icha_family@yahoo.com
  • Facebook: –